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Spire Music is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded under the belief that music has an unparalleled ability to teach, uplift, edify and inspire. Today however, each year there are relatively few new sacred or inspiring compositions being written that effectively harness this unique ability.

Our mission is to encourage such compositions by creating opportunities for their performance. Our hope is to discover gifted individuals: composers, vocalists, instrumentalists, arrangers, lyricists, etc., and to give them the opportunity to use their talents to write and give voice to new, superior music of a sacred or inspiring nature. We accomplish this by producing and releasing albums and sponsoring large-scale performances comprising the best work of those chosen to participate. To paraphrase Spencer W. Kimball, our mission is to “strive for perfection—the best and greatest—and never [be] satisfied with mediocrity,” seeking out those “[who will] give life and feeling and true perspective to a subject so worthy.” 

We plan to regularly release albums involving those artists showing the most promise and will continually seek out new talent in order to offer as many as we can the opportunity to use and develop their talents to teach, uplift and inspire others.

Our Board:

Rob Gardner, president
Jill Broadbent, member
Jessica Miller, member
Courtney Merrill, business agent


Spire Music is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing recordings and live performances
of new sacred and inspiring music.

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