We Must Sing is a collection of sacred music composed by Rob Gardner, including songs written for several sacred works, as well as standalone pieces. The collection was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and Spire Chorus and features performances by outstanding soloists including Greg Adams, Daniel Beck, Jordan Bluth, Angela Brower, Suzanee Disparte, Rob Gardner, Sharon Hopkins, Julianna Larsen, Linsey Maxson, Jenee Prince and Michael Sackett.

Song List

1. We Must Sing – Angela Brower
2. Hosanna (Thy Savior Hath Come) – Spire Chorus
3. Savior, Redeemer of My Soul – Sharon Hopkins, Spire Chorus
4. Woman, Why Weepest Thou? – Jordan Bluth
5. My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee – Spire Chorus
6. Unanswered Yet? – Suzanne Disparte, Spire Chorus
7. Jesus, My Savior – Spire Chorus
8. There Are Angels – Michael Sackett
9. Make Me Whole – Linsey Maxson
10. Shall We Meet? – Jenee Prince, Julianna Larsen, Spire Chorus
11. With all the Power of Heart and Tongue – Greg Adams
12. More Like Thee – Suzanne Disparte, Spire Chorus
13. Agnus Dei – Spire Chorus Men
14. Come, Ye Disconsolate – Sharon Hopkins
15. Sometime We’ll Understand – Daniel Beck
16. Here is Hope – Jenee Prince, Spire Chorus
17. Fill My Soul – Spire Chorus
18. You Have Nothing to Fear – Rob Gardner
19. Gloria (My Savior Lives) – Sharon Hopkins, Spire Chorus


Daniel Beck

Jordan Bluth

Angela Brower

Suzanne Disparte

Sharon Hopkins

Linsey Maxson

Jenee Prince

Michael Sackett