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"We Must Sing" is a collection of sacred music by Rob Gardner, featuring the London Symphony Orchestra, the Spire Chorus and outstanding soloists.


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1. We Must Sing - Angela Brower

2. Hosanna (Thy Savior Hath Come) - Spire Chorus

3. Savior, Redeemer of My Soul - Sharon Hopkins, Spire Chorus

4. Woman, Why Weepest Thou? - Jordan Bluth
5. My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee - Spire Chorus
6. Unanswered Yet? - Suzanne Disparte, Spire Chorus
7. Jesus, My Savior - Spire Chorus
8. There Are Angels - Michael Sackett
9. Make Me Whole - Linsey Maxson
10. Shall We Meet? - Jenee Prince, Julianna Larsen, Spire Chorus
11. With all the Power of Heart and Tongue - Greg Adams
12. More Like Thee - Suzanne Disparte, Spire Chorus
13. Agnus Dei - Spire Chorus Men
14. Come, Ye Disconsolate - Sharon Hopkins
15. Sometime We'll Understand - Daniel Beck
16. Here is Hope - Jenee Prince, Spire Chorus
17. Fill My Soul - Spire Chorus
18. You Have Nothing to Fear - Rob Gardner
19. Gloria (My Savior Lives) - Sharon Hopkins, Spire Chorus



"We Must Sing" is a Spire Music production.

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